June 8, 2008

Car Vector Tutorial

I have a new website! Head on over there to view this tutorial!

After being away for so long, I've finally decided to make another tutorial for you guys. You may have seen some of my vectors I've made on my DeviantART. If you haven't, well, go check 'em out. Today I'm going to show you how to make a vector like my Car Vector piece.


  1. great tutorial! i didn't understand why i was making all the duplicate layers of the car and buildings, but it all turned out awesome! thanks!

  2. brilliant tutorial.i really enjoyed it.keep up the good work!!

  3. Hey I just love your work, i just finished the snowboarder vector tut and the ornate blah tut, very amazing and high detail results, im using the snowboarding design for a tshirt transfer for my website, i just started this tut and the links for the vector foilage is broken, i was able to find the page from the root, but the address was different

  4. want to make a collage for me?:D I don't understand gimp-.-


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