March 8, 2008

How to Install ANYTHING in Gimp

I've seen a lot of questions about installing different things in Gimp, such as scripts, brushes, gradients, fonts, etc. So, now I'm here to help. I will be showing you how to install things in Windows.

Go to My Computer\Your Hard Drive (usually drive C)\Program Files\Gimp-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\

As you can see, you have different designated folders each item goes in. For brushes, paste them into the Brushes folder, for gradients, paste them into the Gradients folder, and so on.

Now, for fonts, they are different. You have to actually install the font on your computer for it to work. To do this, go to My Computer\Your Hard Drive (again, usually C)\WINDOWS\Fonts

Paste your font into the Fonts folder. You should see an install dialog pop up.

Make sure you restart Gimp so your new items will load.

With regards, Glider


  1. for the fonts, does that work on vista? and thanks a bunch m8

  2. when installing brushes on the gimp I do as you say and just paste them in but the .abr files don't work for me. Could you help me out?

  3. Hmm...are you restarting Gimp after you have pasted in the brushes? Be sure you are doing that so the brushes load. Lemme know how that goes!

  4. Yes I have restarted the gimp after I pasted the brushes and nothing shows up still. I think my computer hates me T.T

  5. Ok, try this. Open Gimp. Go to File > Preferences. Click on the [+] next to the Folders icon. Click on the Brushes text. Now look in the window and make sure that the folder you are pasting them in is listed. Check the check box as well just for safekeeping. Click Ok and restart Gimp. Lemme know how this turns out!

  6. i am trying to download the .abr as well, and it is the only file that my computer does not recognize and cannot open. It is not compressed like the others. Is there something I am missing? I tried what you listed above and it didnt work for me. thanks!

  7. your computer won't recognize it. an abr file is a photoshop brush file. just put it in gimp's brush directory and restart gimp. it should be there when it starts back up.


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